fndx and velocity

FNDX Trading Group partnered with Velocity Clearing

We are pleased to announce that FNDX Trading Group is starting cooperation with Velocity Clearing.
29 October 2022

Velocity Clearing is a leading US broker, prime broker and clearing house offering services to professional US stock market participants. The infrastructure for shorting shares, direct routing of orders, clearing and landing of shares under the best conditions has gained special respect among active investors and traders.

The partnership gives Fondexx access to a proprietary stock locator system combined with order execution and clearing technologies that will enable traders to operate smoothly and efficiently. This is the third gateway to the US stock market for Fondexx clients, and the diversification is expected to improve trading conditions for active traders.




The following benefits and improvements will be available to FNDX customers:

  • Specially configured routes and DMA
  • Availability of locates at the best prices
  • Availability of investing and trading in fractional lots
  • Fastest and trouble-free execution of orders
  • A number of trading platforms, including the new proprietary platform VTrader
  • The possibility of opening cash accounts for passive investment (winter 2022/23)


“We are very excited to open this chapter and begin cooperation with Velocity. It is one of the best American clearing houses in the industry of professional market participants. This partnership will give our traders even more opportunities and competitive advantage in the market.” - CEO of FNDX Trading Group, Hlib Kozak