Fondexx Prop Contest 2024: Results

18 March 2024

In February of this year, we held the 7th annual Fondexx Prop Contest 2024, a contest for prop traders on the US stock market.  

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who took part. Your desire to develop in trading inspires us to improve the service for our traders!  

For some contestants, the presence of risk per trade and risk per day this year was a major obstacle. However, it helped to delve deeper into the important topic of risk control.     
Among these, we should mention such an aspect as abusing when trading in the pre-market and post-market. The desire to increase profits is commendable, but violation of the contest rules is not tolerated by our company. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the "legal" trading methods to increase your profit - Trading courses.

Winners of Fondexx Prop Contest 2024

TraderProfitBalanceThe prize
1Boxodir Boltayev3 591,066 591,06800,00
2Анастасия Мевлюдова2 856,975 856,97600,00
3Sherzod Turayev2 614,575 614,57500,00
4Yura Zvarych1 523,524 523,52350,00
5Azamjon Boytemirov1 358,274 358,27250,00
6Otabek Salimov1 133,904 133,90prop audition
7Роман Курбанов1 007,294 007,29prop audition
8Адильжан Амиров915,033 915,03prop audition
9Олександр Ткаченко837,873 837,87prop audition
10Alexander Zajcev528,213 528,21prop audition

We are pleased to congratulate the winners of this year's contest! The first top 5 traders will receive an Extra bonus, and the top 10 will receive questionnaires for further selection to the Prop team!

Results and interesting facts of the 2024 Prop Contest

1) Out of about 130 participants, only 24 made a profit at the end of the contest.   
2) 7 participants were disqualified due to violation of the risk limits on trades in the Pre/Post market.    
3) A trader who gained 10 cents of profit during the contest and thus made a profit will also receive a bonus for completing the contest with a positive balance.

We are pleased with the latter fact and hope that it will encourage you to notice the importance of "small steps" on the way to success!

We would also like to recognize traders who have never violated the risk limits when trading on contest accounts. Among the top 10 are:

Anastasia Mevlyudova   
Otabek Salimov   
Roman Kurbanov   
Adilzhan Amirov   
Alexander Tkachenko

We are always happy to see our traders develop and improve their skills. To facilitate this, we would like to remind you that all participants who score a positive result receive a 50% discount on participation in the Combine Program - Fondexx Proptrading Program.