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How to use ChatGPT for trading?

With the help on AI person - Aurelia, we created the first video about chatGPT usage in stock trading research. Subscribe to our youtube cannel to find out next pro tips.
23 February 2023

Hey, trader! 

ChatGPT is a new thing, so every youtube blogger rushed to publish some video about the new 1000%+ trading strategy. Spoiler: that's a waste of your time because the strategies backtested on Tradingview do not work in the real trading environment. Why? Because slippage, spreads, fees, halts, etc. provide the painful reality of not-sophisticated algorithms. 

So, we decided to provide our piece of cake and start posting simple but smart content about our ChatGPT usage in stock trading research.

Please, enjoy the video and get back with questions and free consultations with our team.