Trading after the Prop contest: Final results

24 May 2024

This year's NYSE Prop Trading contest was interesting and special.

It took our team more than a month to analyze the results and announce the winners. We also interviewed all the traders who made it to the top. The purpose of the interview was to decide who would receive the accounts for trading.

Prizes for the top five Prop contestants in 2024:

1st place $800 = Boksodir Boltaev

2nd place $600 = Refat Mevludov

3rd place $500 = Sherzod Turaev

4th place $350 = Yura Zvarych

5th place $250 = A’zamjon Boytemirov

In addition, we provided financial accounts for traders who showed their trading strategy to be the most promising and organized: 



Risk deposit

Volodymyr Salashchenko



Alexandr Zajcev



Refat Mevludov



Sherzod Turaev



Otabek Salimov



A’zamjon Boytemirov




So, what's next? 

The next Fondexx Prop contest will be held in February 2025. We also want to remind you that you can still join the list of prop traders!

To do this, you need to successfully complete the Combine Program. The terms and conditions were changed in January 2024 due to community requests (now it is easier to complete the challenge). You can read the details about the Combine Program here. 

Portfolio management meetup

In March 2024, we managed to organize a private Portfolio Management Meetup in our Kyiv office. Our guest was a Portfolio Manager of one of the world's top 3 hedge funds. Yuriy told us about the life of a top Portfolio Manager in London: his routine, rules, principles, goals, and strategy.

The main idea is to learn more about stocks that do not have too much liquidity and depend more on general business laws than on behavioral volatility. If you would like to participate in the next meetup, please let your manager know. The next meetup is previously scheduled for June 2024.



In addition, we are going to provide a new educational product based on a special type of trading account. Follow the news on our website.

Thank you for being a part of our community!