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Start of the contest

On February 1, the 7th annual prop trader contest on the US stock market, Fondexx Prop Contest 2024, begins.

Winners receive cash prizes and funded accounts, and our prop and fund - potential portfolio managers.

Contest is the first stage of selection!

Contest is the first stage of selection.

After passing the contest, the winners enter the Level 1 Prop, where they receive a funded account, mentoring support and additional training.


In August 2021, we opened the first fund for external investors. We managed to generate +125% of avarage annual gross profits since than.

At the moment, a second investment pool has been opened. And we are forming a new portfolio management team for the new fund.

How it works


You enter the contest and follow the rules.


You are in the top 15% after 4 weeks.


The top 15% of participants will be sent a questionnaire. Their trading statements will be reviewed.


Based on the analysis of the statement, the trader's answers and the community vote, we make a decision to provide a funded account.

Features of the contest this year

The risk management rules are changing.

Now the following rules apply:

$100 per trade
max loss per day = total depo
Same trading accounts

All participants receive the same trading accounts with the following parameters:

$300К buying power
$3К total risk
$3К day max loss
$100 per trade max loss
Alpha Trader

Trading platform Alpha Trader, demo account with real quotes.

  • All participants of the contest who completed it with a profit, but were not included in the number of winners, receive a reputation bonus and a 50% discount for passing the Prop Factory.

    The discount will be valid until 31.03.2024.

  • Participation in the contest: $25. Extra Bonus (cash bonus) will be created from this money, which will be distributed among the top 5% of traders.

    The bonus can be withdrawn without any conditions!

  • Determination of the winners. This year the Fondexx community will be able to decide which of the winners of the contest will receive a funded account.

  • Swing traders who will achieve positive results and have a systematic strategy will be analyzed separately.

Prizes and results of the Fondexx Prop Contest in 2022

Alexander $700
Ihor $600
Yury $500
Myroslav $400
  • 5
    Zhydrunas $300
  • 5 funded accounts were given to participants from the top 15

    Total amount of BP = $200k
    Total risk = $12.5k

    Video testimonials from past contestants

    Prop Contest 2023. 2nd place: Ihor Khudozhnyk. Fondexx reviews

    Prop Contest 2022. 2nd place: Murod. Fondexx reviews

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    Intraday trading example, of the Sprint Strategy

    Conditions and important information


    • The contest period is from the opening of the market on 01.02.2024 to the end of the trading session on 28.02.2024. New contest will start on 01.08.2024.
    • Platform: Alpha Trader Pro, demo account with real quotes.
    • Tools: all stocks available in the terminal.
    • Overnights/premarket/postmarket: available. Overnight BP 1:2, premarket/postmarket BP 1:2.
    • Махimum amount of shares in one position: 10 000 shares intraday, 1 000 shares on premarket and postmarket.
    • Minimum number of trades: 30.
    • “Second chance” option: for $50 you can restore the starting deposit. You will still be able to win a prize, but you won’t be able to get a funded account.
    • Any form of abuse related to the peculiarities of trading on a demo account is prohibited.
    • Be sure to read the “Definitions and Detailed Conditions” block on the Prop page of our website. All disputable situations will be resolved on the basis of these conditions.

    Cost of participation in the contest

    • To confirm participation in the contest a small fee in the amount $25 is charged. The total amount of funds raised from participants will be given to top 5% of participants of the contest and can be withdrawn without any restrictions.
    • Why is there a participation fee? So that all those who really want to participate can get into the contest, and random people do not take their places. We want to bring the competition as close as possible to the real decision-making situation already from the first step, where there is potential risk and potential profit.


    • Funded accounts with individual BP and risk parameters (for example, the average risk of accounts received by Prop Contest 2022 winners was $2 000). The number of accounts will be determined from a ratio of approximately 1 account per 20 contestants.
    • Extra bonus (cash bonus) = $25 x number of participants. Distributed among the top 5% of the rating. Funds are available for withdrawal without any conditions.

    Procedure for determining the winner

    • Top 5% of traders from the rating receive an Extra bonus. The distribution of the bonus between the winners is at the discretion of the company and will be announced later.
    • The top 15% of traders will be sent a questionnaire.
    • A prerequisite for receiving a funded account is a video recording, where the trader briefly talks about themselves and the trading system that they used in the contest, and also shows their best and worst trades.

    Where to follow the contest

    • Fondexx chat in Telegram - the latest news on the contest will be published here.

    How to confirm participation

    • Fill out the form on the contest page. If for some reason you are unable to register, use the online support at the bottom of the page.
    • Pay the participation fee using the link. Successful payment for participation means confirmation of participation in the contest.
    • Your account details will be emailed to you on February 1st.
    • If you have any questions or problems with payment, please contact your manager or support.