What is a Propshop?
We are looking for profitable traders. We have some.
We want more. We teach new talents. We treat old stars.
We are open for partnership and investment projects.

What is propshop

We work in the format of proprietary trading company - we select talented traders for various investment projects.

You can become one of our prop traders and trade on company's funds.

Trade, analyze, improve - and we will increase your BP and risk.

The better you trade - the more profit you get.

It is necessary to pass the selection program, meet the requirements for the target profitability and follow the rules of risk management or provide us with your existing track record.

Who are we looking for?

Traders with experience on the NYSE, RTS, Forex or beginners. Most important - the desire to learn and delve into the essence of companies businesses, ability to analyze information and make decisions in stressful situations.

Does it sound like you?

What to do if you have absolutely no experience, but you feel that you can do it?

Fondexx is ready to provide basic training on preferential terms. The course lasts 2 weeks and consists of 6 online classes, including the theory and practice of stock trading. Are you ready to learn?

how the propshops work