NYSE traders contest - once a year compete for a funded prop account

Once a year Fondexx organizes Prop Contest where traders from different countries get a chance to compete, show their skills and win a trading account powered by Fondexx.

The annual Fondexx Prop Contest 2021 begins on February 1st. Through this competition, traders from different countries get a chance to compete, show their skills and win a trading account powered by Fondexx.

How it works
  • You enter the contest and follow the rules.
  • You are in the top 20 after 4 weeks.
  • From the top 20, 10-15 candidates will be selected, who will be sent a questionnaire.
  • You receive a reputation bonus if you trade one of the Trading School strategies.
  • Based on the analysis of the statement, the trader's answers and the community vote, we make a decision to provide a funded account.


  • We decided to combine business with pleasure and the conditions for risk management in Prop Contest 2021 will correspond to the conditions of the Prop Factory combine with minor amendments.
  • All participants at the start receive the same trading accounts with the parameters of $300K buying power / $3K total risk / $300 daily max loss / $1.2K weekly max loss. More information about the terms can be found here.
  • Alpha Trader trading platform, demo account with real quotes.
  • All participants of the contest who completed it with a profit, but were not included in the number of winners, receive a reputation bonus and a 20% discount for passing the Prop Factory. The discount will be valid until 03/31/2021.
  • Participation in the contest: $25. Extra Bonus (cash bonus) will be created from this money, which will be distributed among the top 5 traders. The bonus can be withdrawn without any conditions!
  • Determination of the winners. This year the Fondexx community will be able to decide which of the winners of the contest will receive a funded account.
Conditions and Important Information
How to Confirm Participation

To confirm participation in the contest a small fee in the amount $25 is charged. The total amount of funds raised from participants will be given to top 5 participants of the contest and can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

Extra bonus = $25 x number of participants.

To confirm participation please register above and purchase a ticket here.

Once the ticket is purchased, your participation is confirmed automatically. Account data for participating in the contest will be emailed to you on February 1st. 

Contact us

If you have any questions please contact us at info@fondexx.pro.

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